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Hillsboro Fill Finish, Genentech, Christian Youngerman, Sr. Manager Facilities Engineering: Improve Throughput of Facilities Team up to 50%, Reduce Internal Operating Budget up to $100K

“Andrea has worked with us on a variety of projects over many years. Specific to my group, she helped us re-evaluate, improve, train, and execute to our internal maintenance Work Order notification to scheduling process. Andrea is professional, easy to work with, quickly ascertains how to get things done. She goes above and beyond to help the team, she provides a level of energy and support that really facilitates progress. Many of our employees consider her to be an “outsider on the inside” which helps her effectively promote new ideas while maintaining trust and building relationships. I highly recommend working with AJC as a long term partner for operational process success.”

Vision Plastics, Brian Stevens, President: Execute Revenue Increasing Strategic Plan, Overhaul Core Processes to Enable New Account Growth and Increase Gross Sales

“We are a 30 year old company with 30 year old “Habits” and habits are hard to break. Andrea was able to keep the group focused and moving forward in a positive manner among diverse personalities. Bottom line, we are now on a path of efficiency and growth.”

VetSource, Kurt Green, CEO; Andy Bane, COO: Improve Throughput Time for Onboarding New Customers by >50%

“Our employees were a bit nervous about Needs Assessment interviews at first (something about the movie "Office Space" and a red stapler), but were put at ease by Andrea’s approachable style. She helped us understand all aspects of our target process’s current state and prioritized actions with supportive data in a solid work product to which our team has been able to execute. We recommend using AJC for articulating problem areas and bringing insightful and executable actions to the table!”

GiftTree, Martin McClanan, President: Enable Focused Project Execution to allow up to 75% Increased Revenue in Busy Season

“Thank you to AJC. As promised, they were a catalyst in developing our Project Management Skills and team. We particularly appreciated their positive and consistent approach to infusing accountability and results orientation into the process.”

Crosby Hop Farm, Blake Crosby, President: Implement Foundational Work to Grow New Client Base Requiring Certification

“Andrea has helped us in various service areas, from designing processes needed for our upcoming ISO certification to managing complex software projects with multiple internal and external team members. She keeps us on track and accountable, and provides outstanding service. She has our sincerest recommendation!”

ProTech, John McCalla, CIO: Pivotoal Project Management Enabling Multiple New Revenue Streams

“AJC is managing a critical project for us in the midst of significant internal change. They help keep our team moving forward while removing hurdles and researching options for our consideration. AJC is also flexible with their time and approach, which we appreciate and really require in our current environment. They have been able to step in as a partner to our team in short order and keep us focused.”

OneBuild, Dale Sperling, Founder and Owner: Substantiating Sales Efforts with Operational Expertise

"Andrea came into OneBuild like a kid in a candy store when we needed layout and massive operational design support. She quickly assessed our needs and provided strong recommendations to help make our production profitable. She gave us tools to use in our execution and assisted with orientation for our management team. She was flexible with her time and approach; demanding, yet understanding our needs and flexible in her approach. She has become a trusted advisor in the years since our first engagement. ( da man!) I highly recommend working with AJC, you'll develop a relationship that will continue to pay dividends for years."

Mortgage Trust, Michael Leland, President: Empowering Revenue Generating Team to Confidently Bring in New Work

“Andrea blew us away with her thorough Needs Assessment report, and worked with our team to consider all areas critical to our most customer-sensitive process. She worked with team members on their own best practices, and developed a standardized tool that helped our less organized personnel capture important information required to hand off to the next step in our operations. She also helped prepare us to facilitate our own Process Improvement of the next phase in our overall flow, and encouraged our success with detailed, documented, training for our ongoing use. I recommend her to help kick start process improvement thinking and methodologies.”

Hillsboro Fill Finish, Genentech, Tim Brown, Head of Planning and Scheduling: Helping Achieve Critical Certification Driving Increased Marketability of All Products

“We engaged with AJC to keep us on track in our Class A initiatives and develop our internal program and project management skills. AJC helped us develop tangible actions to move our project charters forward, and met with us regularly to provide accountability, insights, and coaching. AJC also helped us design and facilitate several value stream process mapping sessions leading to an entirely new method for business system performance/operational measurement. We are proud to report success in both our Class A certification as well as our internal business process measurement design and are grateful to AJC for their support in these efforts.”

McKinstry, Erik Teyema, Mechanical Construction Business Leader: Leading New Business Execution in Growing Location

“Andrea helped us organize and deliver initial Design Build services on a major local greenfield pharmaceutical project, and came back to help us organize our internal office for multiple support projects at a local semiconductor company. She brings attention to detail, discipline, clarity, and proactive focus to worksites that can be very reactive. I would recommend her helpful can-do attitude to anyone needing to make sense in a high-stress environment.”