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Project Management, Change Management, Process Improvement, Integrator Coaching
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  • Do we need to focus on specific plans to Increase Revenue?
  • Why do we start projects but can't seem to get done?
  • Whose job is it to get a project done, anyway?
  • What if we get the new system/process implemented, but no one uses it?
  • Do we have an Integrator already?

Services and Industries

AJC is committed to helping you get work done and adopted in your organization. Whether it is facilitating your planning session, executing a project, bringing the whole team along on a change, or documenting new operational processes, AJC supports your needs.

We are different from other consultants in that we focus on results, not on maximizing billable hours. We specialize in projects and change, which generalizes to all industries.

Thanks to our clients requests for ensuring adoption of new system implementations, we have recently added Change Management to our Packaged Services Offerings list. Please contact us if this may be of interest you!

• Packaged Service Offerings

  • Strategic Facilitation
  • Project Management
  • NEW! Change Management
  • Process Improvement and Documentation
  • Fractional Integrator / Integrator Coaching
  • Accountability Model
  • Systems Implementation

Fractional Integrator*

*as per Traction by Gino Wickman
  • Maintain accountability for your Rocks and EOS Implementation
  • Facilitate your Pulse meetings (L10s, Quarterly - if no formal Implementer)
  • Help design, organize, and effect your Accountability Chart
  • Ensure your Scorecard is in place and being tracked with the proper cadence
  • Orchestrate the effective implementation of your People Analyzer process
  • Generally: Ensure that you EXECUTE to your amazing Vision!

• Custom Service Offerings

  • Business Plan Analysis
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Custom Process-Enabling Tool Creation
  • Process Improvement coaching
  • Ongoing or Multiple Process Improvement Project Leadership
  • Standardized Onboarding Training Programs