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  • Feel like a Visionary who needs an Integrator?
  • Want to define your strategy to Increase Revenue?
  • What needs to be done to execute to your strategy?
  • How will you get your entire leadership team aligned with your Strategy and Execution plans?


Services and Industries

You want to increase Revenue for your business. Maybe you are a Visionary who wants to be set free to keep blazing the trail for your business to grow, and you need help with internal execution and accountability. Whether your goals are to win multi-million dollar new business accounts, open doors to a new Market Segment, generate new revenue streams faster than before, or reduce throughput time by 75%, AJC has been there and done that.

We are "industry agnostic," and have experience in Manufacturing, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Technology Services, Construction, and Logistics Services.

We have recently added Fractional Integrator to our Packaged Services Offerings list. Read more about Why Visionaries Need Integrators, and contact us if this may be you!

• Fractional Integrator*

*as per Traction by Gino Wickman
  • Maintain accountability for your Rocks and EOS Implementation
  • Facilitate your Pulse meetings (L10s, Quarterly - if no formal Implementer)
  • Help design, organize, and effect your Accountability Chart
  • Ensure your Scorecard is in place and being tracked with the proper cadence
  • Orchestrate the effective implementation of your People Analyzer process
  • Generally: Ensure that you EXECUTE to your amazing Vision!

• Packaged Service Offerings

  • Strategy-Alignment-Execution Process
  • Departmental or Team Based Current State Assessment
  • Single Process Kaizen: Value Stream Mapping
  • Operational Flow Analysis
  • Outsourced Project Management

• Custom Service Offerings

  • Business Plan Analysis
  • Executive Team Formation Strategy
  • Custom Process-Enabling Tool Creation
  • Process Improvement coaching
  • Ongoing or Multiple Process Improvement Project Leadership
  • Standardized Onboarding Training Programs